2D & 3D modeling

As part of 2D and 3D modeling, we help our clients in performing aerial measurements of all kinds of roofs.

We have expert CAD technicians with highly skilled knowledge in various client softwares for drafting aerial roof measurement reports.

Measuring roofs manually is a time consuming, costly, and adds potential liability. Our roof measurement service allows our clients to get roof measurements done quickly with more than 95% accuracy, we do modeling of roofs in 2D and try replicate the same in 3D designing to ensure that accuracy of particular roof matches exactly same


Roof Types

Roof Measurement:

VECTIV provides aerial measurement services and process orders quickly and efficiently. We help our clients save their time on roof measurement by delivering the PDF Report, with a complete measurement of the Roof.

We have also Integrated with other Aerial measurement companies to provide efficient reporting services. The introduction of house measurement reports affirms, We give commitment to continue creating solutions through technology for the insurance and construction industries.

We have experience in 2D and 3D modeling of aerial imagery houses and provide accurate measurements to roofing contractors and save costs with profitable operation and increase the benefits. We provide roof measurement for houses, ranging from small residential buildings to a huge commercial buildings with coverage of all kinds of roofs and dormers like Hips, Gables, Mansards, Gambles, Porch, symmetrical and asymmetrical roofs etc.,

Report Includes:

3D Roof Diagram with Aerial Images - Above, North, East, South, West Roof Summary with Total Area, Ridges, Hips, Valleys, Rakes, Eaves, Area by Pitch, Waste Factor. Pitch Measurements, Label Notes and Field Notes.

  • Residential Roof

  • Commercial Roof

  • Residential Roof 2D Model

  • Commercial Roof 2D Model

  • Residential Roof 3D Model

  • Commercial Roof 3D Model